Saturday, 14 February 2009

Catch up with me at Twitter


Just thought I'd say, you can catch up with me on Twitter. I'll be posting random bits of writing here:




Sucharita Sarkar said...

I am twitter-ignorant, but I guess it is a here-and-now, short-snippet form of writing. All the best, I'll try to keep pace.

Mina Jade said...

I'm depressed to see that you don't write your posts every day...

I do understand how you feel about it - I felt the same when I did something similar to MinaJadeNews (but I do enjoy going on with my own story instead). A farewell is not a cheerful event though, I know.
I hope we'l see your writings soon; we count on that!
Your writings and language is up to par. Which is rare nowadays. Don't stop writing.

Mina Jade

Paul Bernard said...

To be honest, Mina, I was thinking of starting some new blog. But I will probably just do some sort of media/arts critique type thing.
I don't know why I set up a Twitter account, it's only useful for PR really.

Jagjit said...

I can hear a door slamming, maybe a woman is crying. A click-clicking of the hard drive, and tack-tacking of the keyboard. Is all well?

Liked it. :)

Cheap Postcard Printing said...

Everyone's really into Twitter these days. More and more people are joining the Twitter network. Amazing how 140 characters can turn into an amazing way to connect and a really good marketing tool too!

Jaquanda Rae said...

Dearest Paul,

I do miss you so very much. I am here going through some old posts on my blog and I am smiling and sighing at the encouraging and insightful comments you made.

Say it's not over. Say it ain't so Joe!

Jaquanda Rae said...

Paul :):):)

I clicked on the comments button for the first time and I'm reading all the comments I've ever received on my blog......some of them are mind blowing!!!! still use twitter? I might have to look you up!

SimplySarah said...

Mr. Bernard,
I miss your lovely stories you have to do something soon, please.