Friday, 19 December 2008

From the forest to the sea: The House

So he returned to the clearing, dragged and heaved the body, scraped along the path and then on into the trees.
He stopped some way along the journey. The woman’s dress had caught and was now up over her head, revealing her underwear. He slowly and quite gently replaced the dress, for he felt her shame.
Soon he came to the old house. He saw no-one on the narrow dirt track through the trees and he left the forest cover and approached the dilapidated property.
He followed the message he had received via the beacon. He took the body to the first floor of the house and laid it in the large room to the west. He was able to prise up some of the rotting floorboards and drop the corpse there.
He stood and looked for a little while, spied to see if the woman’s hand was showing, or if her cold eyes regarded him in return.
When he was at last satisfied, he left the house with a glance to each side, and he never went back there again.


Grégoire said...

This is a rather twisted tale for Chanukah/Christmas/Winter Break.

I love it!

Because I have no creativity, I'm tempted to create a spinoff.

Paul Bernard said...

Haha. Well go for it. I'd be pleased to see the results.

Oh, and happy Christmas.

Misty said...

Is this house near the pine woods? I think I have seen it...