Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The postcard

Hi Anne,

Wish you were here in sunny Cornwall (instead of me)!
Having an awful time, as expected. Just managed to sneak away from Sylvie for an hour and thought I’d grab a coffee and send you this.
This is a picture of the beach where I’ve spent most of my week. The river runs out across the beach. It would be quite a beautiful scene if there wasn’t the odd shit floating in there from the holiday camp.
Weather has been changeable, but it’s improving now. Sylvie has been a dream, as always. I don’t know what I see in her!
So, there’s a new man on the scene, eh? I’m only gone away a week… Well, I just hope he’s better than the last one.
See you soon, anyway,

Love from S. xx


Bryan said...

I hope this guy uses protection. Reminds me of some indecision I just blundered my way through, though, so I can sort of sympathize. Kind of a pathetic creature of habit, though.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

So succint and so suggestive at the same time!

I think your blog is brilliant and I've an award for you waiting at my blog.