Monday, 8 September 2008

Abstract #1

Shadows and shadows beget minds turning minds, turning minds...
There are kings in the meadows and hearts find songs along the way,
Yet sleep with eddies that swirl and then change, sucking them down.
So flounder on the river, believing whatever you find,
Charring the lustrous glow of untarnished souls,
You’ll see that colours rust into love and seep into life
And even sully the bloody glow of the morning light
With shadows and shadows and minds turning minds on the way.


Petruchio said...

Wow. It is the mark of a truly gifted writer when he can derive such extraordinary things from a color. You ought to put a "Followers" gadget on this blog so that I can keep up with it better . . . :D

Bryan said...


don't be emily said...

I read it over and over...that first line I could read forever. It sings.