Monday, 18 August 2008


He stopped and looked up at the sky. For the first time in a long time he noticed the entangling of cables above him.
Wires connected the street lights and the traffic lights. Above these, the phone lines split off puncturing the sides of surrounding buildings, and through it all ran the cables bringing power to the trams. Altogether, it created a perfectly scattered cacophony of lines. Wires begat wires begat wires.
As he sat, engaged by this intersection of energy for the first time since he first came to the city, he could almost see a gigantic metallic spider spindling across and down from the building opposite to ensnare an unfortunate bus in its web.
He was awakened from his reverie by impatient honks and shouts from other motorists. He let his foot slip from the clutch quickly, shunted forward and stopped in the middle of the junction.
The lights changed again and he tried to start the car as the honking and shouting grew louder. Panic, panic and the sound of an engine labouring, juddering, flooding. He was stuck fast and he looked up, anxiously, in case the spider was coming for him.

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Anonymous said...

that's kind of neat and kind of random and stupid...

- T